What is a Laptop and How It different from the Desktop?

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What is a Laptop and How it different from The Desktop

Today I am talking about Laptop computers, I am gonna differences between Laptops and Desktops, then what’s the benefits are and what the cons are so, let’s go ahead and get started.
So the first thing that we have to know when we use the laptop computer is,

what is the difference, and what is a laptop?

A laptop is a personal computer. It has the functionality of a desktop computer means it is using a desktop operating system, which’s very important.

One key feature of the laptop is they can open the same types of files that you would be able to open on a desktop computer so, What’s the difference?

They are designed for portability, right you need to able to take your laptops on the go, they have a battery, monitor, keyboard, touchpad, and speakers all in them, so it’s all in one design as supposed to the computer case monitor, keyboard, and mouse being separate. So yeah they are battery powered and so that’s the main difference.

The first thing you’ll notice about a laptop computer, they don’t have a mouse with them so since we don’t have a mouse with us we are gonna have to use something else that’s called the touchpad, which is also called a trackpad. Basically, It’s a touch-sensitive device that lets you control the pointer.

What is a Laptop and How It different from the Desktop?

So moving ahead here we now have a battery right, every laptop has a battery, and it allows you to use it when it’s not plugged in okay, so this is good if there’s ever a power outage or anything like that and it is also good again for portability that way you could take your laptops on the go and you can use them from wherever even if there’s not a power outlet around, do that battery.

Now laptops do have a relatively short battery life especially if you’re doing some sort of high media content like playing a video game on your computer that’s going to take up a lot of power very quickly so that’s how the batteries work.

The good thing is you can recharge the battery right as soon as you plug it into your laptop, it’ll recharge the battery that way you can take it with you on the go after that.

What is a Laptop and How It different from the Desktop?

The next thing is the ports on the laptops, now most laptops do have the same types of ports as the desktops like USB, Headphone jack, HDMI, and a VGA.

What is a Laptop and How It different from the Desktop?

The next thing that you have to know is the price okay. The first thing I am going to talk about here is the price of a laptop VS the price of a desktop.

Many students ask me “hey should I buy a laptop and I asked them well how often do you use the laptop on the go, how often you use it when you’re on the move you know at school if there’s not a computer available and if say a lot if they are constantly using it like at a coffee shop or anything like that I tell them, okay you might want to get a laptop, however, keep in mind laptops are typically more expensive than the desktops with similar specifications so for instance.

If you’re getting a laptop that runs a certain processor and has a certain amount of disk space and a certain amount of RAM typically that laptop is going to be more expensive than a similar desktop okay, I hope that made sense so basically you are going to get a little bit less for the money on a laptop than a desktop, why? Because you are paying for the portability, so laptops are typically going to be more expensive.

What is a Laptop and How It different from the Desktop?

Hey, I am Abhishek Kumar and I am very passionate about electronics and gadgets and I love to explore and research more about them to keep updated myself and others.

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