How to Factory Reset Laptop Windows 10

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If your windows 10 laptop/desktop is not working as well it might be time to restore the computer. Here I explained How to factory reset laptop/desktop windows 10.

If you facing issues and slow down your computer or it could also be something more serious that software can’t fix, it might be time to reset your PC to its factory. Before reset make sure to back up your important files to Drive or any portable storage drive.

Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset in Windows 10.

How to Factory Reset Laptop Windows 10

Open Setting

Click the Start Menu and select gear icon in the lower left of the window screen.

How to Factory Reset Laptop Windows 10

Setting Interface

When you click on Setting then this interface appears to your screen, then click Update & Security to Continue.

How to Factory Reset Laptop Windows 10

Choose Recovery Option

Select the Recovery option and after it appears Recovery page then Click to Get Started under Reset this PC.

How to Factory Reset Laptop Windows 10

Keep or Remove Files

At this time you have two option in front of you. You can either choose to keep my files and only remove downloaded apps and settings or other you can remove everything and start from scratch.

If you choose to keep files they’ll erase your apps and settings will default as new PC. If you choose remove everything there is no way to save your personal files. It will remove all your data, apps and settings.

If you are looking to get rid of your computer then I’ll recommend to choose remove everything then you’ll get as a brand New PC.

How to Factory Reset Laptop Windows 10

Reset your PC

Once you decided what should to remove from Computer then this window open to your screen and Reset button is shown on your screen, then hit the Reset Button.

Your computer will restart and after several minutes, it will boot back again and after you’ll get a fresh new windows 10.


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