How To Connect Camera To Laptop For Live Streaming

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The Camera is a great electronics gadget nowadays. Everyone Uses Smartphone Cameras, and DSLRs to create content on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. There are lots of creators who play live games, live reactions, live roasting, live product reviews, live teaching, etc.

As we know that the laptop could not come with a great camera to live so here we use an external camera like a Smartphone camera and DSLRs to get the best video quality. Many of us don’t know how we connect cameras to laptops.

So don’t get worried about that I am going to explain how to connect the camera to a laptop for live streaming.

Requirements: At first you should have a DSLR, Laptop and Wi-Fi connection. These are the three main things to get live.

In Other hand you should to familiar with connection process and software.

  • You need to a USB Cable which is already comes with your DSLR. Connect this cable with your DSLR and Laptop ports.
  • Open your YouTube and go live and select your stream info details

How Do I Connect Phone Camera To Laptop For YouTube Live Streaming

Requirements: At first you need a Smartphone, Laptop, and Wi-Fi connection.

  • You need to download and install iVCam on both Phone as well as Laptop or Desktop.

For Phone iVCam availabe on Playstore and iOS store.

For Desktop/ Laptop:

You don’t need to connect with USB from phone to laptop while you using a same Wi-Fi network.

If you don’t have Wi-Fi connection then you need to connect via USB cable.

  • Go to developer option in your phone and Enable USB debugging then connect to your laptop.

Hey, I am Abhishek Kumar and I am very passionate about electronics and gadgets and I love to explore and research more about them to keep updated myself and others.

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