How to Transfer Data from Windows to Mac(latest 2021)

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How to Transfer Data from Windows to Mac (latest 2021)

Today we are going to go through the steps on how to transfer data from Windows to Mac, so you may have a PC running Windows you have got a whole heap of data it could be a work computer, could be your own personal computer you have just got yourself a new Mac or an older Mac or whatever it may be and you are going to do the transfer from one to the other we are gonna go through the steps on how to do that.

Ok so here we are on our two computers we have a windows computer here and we have got a MacBook Pro/ older running Mac OS. So we are going to transfer data from this computer windows over to Mac.

You can transfer a number of things you can download all the users from here so whatever user accounts, you have got a set up to transfer them over, you can also do individual files so if you have got like your C drive full of documents and movies, etc.

you can get those transferred over to your Mac, as well a couple of things that you want to ensure that you do before you begin is making sure that they are both on the same network so both the windows and the Mac computers need to be accessible on the same Wi-Fi network or connected directly via Ethernet cable or connected to an Ethernet cable out to a network switch of some sort of you are in an organization you need to be mindful of things like firewalls antivirus sort of software input protection software that could be blocking connections between the two.

The other thing that is important is on the Windows computer making sure that network discovery is on making sure that sharing is allowed otherwise they can be problems connecting the two computers together to be able to transfer the data over.

So here we are on our Mac now I have just turned it on it’s good to go and then essentially now I need to go through the configuration stages of setting this up this does not go through a guide on how to transfer data from Windows to Mac on a computer, on a Mac that’s already set.

Migration Assistant

All Apple MacBook having a built-in Migration Assistant utility specifically designed to transfer data from Mac to Mac or Windows.

It is also compatible with Windows-based computers and you can move data to the Mac. Through the windows version, you can’t transfer applications from windows to Mac because they have a different operating system. Otherwise, you can move files, movies, music, pictures, and other files.

Let’s Begin

So open the Migration Assistant, so you see there clearly written that “Use Migration Assistant to transfer information to this Mac it could be from another Mac or a Windows Pc a time machine backup or a disk, so let’s continue migration assistant wants to make the change so it will require your touch id, so please make sure that all you close all your applications before starting this.

So there it is the migration assistant and down here you can see that you have the option if you want to transfer data from a Mac, time machine backup from a Windows PC or you want to transfer the data to another Mac, so our option is to do it from a Windows PC Click continue, always make sure you here you get a pop-up notification as well that your Mac is running on battery power.

So it is strongly recommended that you connect your Mac to an AC power since most of the times you will be requiring to connect and a lot of data which may take hours, so it is very important for you to make sure that both your systems the Mac as well as the Windows laptops are connected to the power adapter. 

So continue this there you see that it says that you need to select a windows PC to transfer this information now there you can see that it is looking for a source now further we can see that make sure that the Windows PC that you are transferring from is connected to the same network so this is a very important point there that in order for this transfer to take place it is very important that your Mac as well as your Windows system they are connected on the same network.

So that is one important thing that you should keep in mind since both of our systems are connected to the same network so this won’t be an issue here now you will have to go to this link that is Windows Migration Assistant. So when you open that link you will get a window saying download Windows Migration assistant so there’s a very simple step you just need to go click on the download and just follow the steps and install this migration assistant, It’s a very simple step so,

Step 1: On a Windows computer Open the Windows Migration Assistant

Step 2: Close all the applications on the windows computer.

Step 3: Select the Continue button to proceed.

Now you can see there on Mac that it has detected the Windows PC which is you can see there that desktop windows system the Mac has automatically detected it, so what we need to do is that we need to click this and click on Continue now it says that in order to match the computer you have need to have the same number on your windows computer as well as on Mac. 

On your Windows system, you can click Continue, so if it says that migration assistant is ready to transfer your information on your Mac choose the information you want to transfer so is depending on your data this might take some time because it has to scan through all the data that is available on your Windows system, so it might take some time so be patient so let’s wait until this process is completed.

Step4: Ok now you can see that on our Mac system we are able to select the information that we wish to transfer and you have the option to transfer all the data is present in terms of users you can transfer all the data or if you unclick that you can go down and transfer whatever data you wish to you can just click it. So for the purpose of this article, I’ll just be explained to you how you can just click on the folder that you wish to transfer

Step5: for example, I have clicked the pictures folder there then click to Continue, so there it says that create a secure password for each administrator account, here you will need to enter your password Windows computer password to login to this Mac so once that’s done you can Continue you can authorize and you need to put in your MacBook pro password then click on Continue and it starts transferring the data from desktop, so depending on the size of data that is to be transferred it can vary from few minutes to few hours depending on the network strength as well internet connection.

So I hope this article has been informative to you & it will be useful to you.


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