AMD VS Intel Processor (Latest 2021)

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AMD VS Intel Processor (latest 2021)

In computers, be it gaming PC or work station, the main component is the processor. In processor brands, the only 2 top companies are Intel & AMD. Still choosing among these 2 is a confusing task. Which is better? AMD or Intel?

This is the most common doubt everyone usually asks. This itself is quite a debatable topic. So today I am not going to discuss, which is better? Rather than that, we’ll discuss some positive and negative aspects of Intel and AMD. Which would help you choose a processor. 

5 years ago, we could say Intel ruled in the processor market because FX series AMD’s highly anticipated processor which they released at that time was a big failure that made Intel retain their marketplace. After that failure, AMD came up with their new Zen architecture processors called the ‘RYZEN’ processors, so Ryzen processors made of Zen architecture, offered more Core/Thread count than Intel with similar performance, but at a much less price than Intel. So this brought AMD back into the market.

So now the question, which is better? Intel or AMD?

Both perform almost the same in today’s scenario, both AMD & Intel almost perform similar, depends upon the application you wish to use it for. To understand these further let’s break it down.

Core/Thread counts

If we compare Intel Core i3 & AMD Ryzen 3 these are budget entry-level processors quite OK for budget gaming & light productivity. So if we see here, when Ryzen 3 was launched, Core i3 had only 2Cores & 4Threads after Ryzen’s success, they increase it to 4/4 in the next-generation launch.

AMD VS Intel Processor (Latest 2021)

Next is Mid-range processors, Intel Core i5 & Ryzen 5. If we see here also some Intel Processor have only  4 Cores & 4 Threads, some latest have 6 Cores & 6 Threads. Here Ryzen clearly beats Intel because all Ryzen 5 processors have 6 Cores & 12 Threads. So multi core applications works well in Ryzen.

AMD VS Intel Processor (Latest 2021)

Next, let’s have a look at Intel Core i7 & AMD Ryzen 7. Today we won’t talk above this we have Intel i9 and Threadrippers which are more costly and for high-end applications. If we see Intel Core i7 & Ryzen 7, it’s clear Intel’s core /Threads count is less so again Ryzen clearly wins second, Clock speeds, Base & Turbo clock speeds.

This is the base speed that the processor comes with & Turbo, the maximum we can overclock so seeing the chart, we can say, Intel is ahead in terms of clock speeds. Yet, all Ryzen processors can be overclocked they are all unlocked processors.

Intel has quite a wider range in clock speeds compared to AMD, which is better for gaming also Intel’s unlocked processors can be easily overclocked above 5 GHz which is an added benefit for Intel.

Next, overclocking ability i.e, how far we can manually overclock from Base to Turbo speeds to boost up the performance much more. Here, Ryzen has a slightly upper hand since all Ryzen processors are unlocked and over lockable easily, on the other hand, Intel has few processors which are unlocked that can be overclocked.

These unlocked processors are marked with ‘K’in the model number, which is a bit more expensive also so overclocking ability Ryzen can be easily done, But in Intel, their unlocked processors can be overclocked to 5 GHz or more which is beyond Ryzen which is great for gaming performance.

Intel VS Ryzen Clock Speed
Intel VS Ryzen Clock Speed
AMD VS Intel Processor (Latest 2021)
Cores/Threads count of Intel core i7 & Ryzen 7

Next is Pricing 

The price point of view. Ryzen processors are cheaper than Intel. Cheaper on price but not on performance so if you are on a budget for a budget gaming PC.

Ryzen would be best suitable they are great for Multicore taking also gaming performance is the next question. Here, Intel has a slight edge over Ryzen slightly better for gaming, Main reason is Intel’s high clock speeds and their ability to perform single-core tasks better. 

AMD VS Intel Processor (Latest 2021)
Higher result represent better performance
AMD VS Intel Processor (Latest 2021)
Higher results represent better performance

Also if you are using Intel’s unlocked processors for gaming they can be overclocked much higher to boost their performance even better for gaming, So in this regard, Intel is slightly above AMD.

That doesn’t mean AMD is bad. They are best for multi-core & gaming and budget option AMD Ryzen 3, 5, or 7 price point of view all are comparatively cheaper, but overall performance is almost similar.

AMD VS Intel Processor (Latest 2021)

These small differences can not be noticed by normal persons which on high benchmarking and tests shows there is a slight difference of 10-20 fps in gaming but performance-wise, both are almost similar, but the price is lesser than Intel so if you are looking for a budget PC.

AMD is the best affordable option, AMD also has 2 processors for budget gaming Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 2400G both are APU’s which have integrated graphics in them. AMD’s Radeon Vega graphics in it Vega 8 in 2200G, Vega 11 in 2400G.

So for normal gaming, there is no need to buy an extra GPU. These processors are faster than Intel’s processor with Integrated GPU’s which is better?

So for the latest heavy gaming, we would need an external graphics card, so for normal gaming, not on ultra settings, on high settings 1080p gaming, we can achieve 60fps easily with any Ryzen processor combined with a moderate budget graphics card.

Ryzen processors are best for gaming at a budget-friendly price and combined with a graphics card, we can easily play any games on high and ultra settings and achieve above 60fps easily finally depending upon your budget and usage.

You need to select a processor that fits your needs if you are on a budget Ryzen is the best option for you. It is best for gaming and for multi-core tasks as the core/thread counts are high in Ryzen, multicore performance is great also moderate editing and rendering can also be done on it.

If you are ready to spend a little more Intel is your best option, a single-core processor is good on Intel.

Intel processors are designed best for single-core works and also as said earlier, Intel is the best gaming too, AMD & Intel both are good processors. Intel is a bit higher but AMD is not too far though the small difference in gaming performance is very minute.


Hey, I am Abhishek Kumar and I am very passionate about electronics and gadgets and I love to explore and research more about them to keep updated myself and others.

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